Tennessee Journal of Leadership, Law, and Policy

The TN Journal of Law and Policy has changed its name and its content orientation, to include leadership.  It is the first law journal/review that is dedicated in any part to lawyer leadership.  The new title is TN Journal of Leadership, Law and Policy. 

From their website:

The Tennessee Journal of Leadership, Law, and Policy analyzes the latest developments in leadership in law, laws, and public decision making. It explores areas touching on a number of disciplines and attracts readers from a variety of professional interests. By publishing essays and commentaries, in addition to traditional scholarly articles, the journal offers a unique addition to the scholastic environment of the university. The journal is published by students of The University of Tennessee College of Law.

Issue 2 (Winter 2020) of Volume 14 hosts the articles from the Leadership Symposium. Volume 14 is available, here: https://tennesseelawandpolicy.com/volumes/volume-14/ (Scroll down to Issue 2 (Winter 2020))